Curbside Service

How do I sign up? 

The first step is to find and place holds online or over the phone.

To place a hold online, sign in to My Account. You may select materials from other Trails Regional Library locations to be picked up at your home library. Beginning the week of May 26, you can call a library branch to request materials and make a curbside pickup appointment. 

Curbside Hours are

Monday 10am - 1pm

Tuesday 3pm - 7pm

Wednesday 10am - 1pm

Thursday 10am - 1pm

Okay. I placed my hold. Now what?

After you place your hold, you must wait for the notification that it is ready for pickup. You can select to be notified by text, email, or phone when you place the hold online. Otherwise, let the staff member you speak with know your preference. You must make an appointment to pick up library materials.

Okay. I got my notification. Now what?

PHONE: You must call the library during Curbside Hours to schedule a pickup time.

ONLINE: Fill out the Curbside Library Service Reservation form to schedule your pickup time. You will receive an email confirmation of your designated date and time for pickup.

Okay.  I have a pickup time. Now what?

  • Arrive at the library at your scheduled time, following the signs and instructions for parking. 
  • Remain in your vehicle and call the library phone number listed on the outdoor signage. 
  • A library staff member will answer and request confirmation of your name, date of birth, and materials.
  • A staff member will leave your materials on a designated table or cart outside the door.
  • When the staff re-enters the building, you may leave your vehicle to retrieve the materials.

If you do not pick up your materials, you may call to reschedule a pick up one time before the materials are reshelved.

How long can I keep materials?

2 weeks with 2 renewals if there are no other active holds.

How do I return materials?

Returns will only be accepted in the outdoor bookdrops. You must place materials here to ensure they are properly received and checked in. Any library material left outside of bookdrops may be assessed damaged item fees.

Bookdrops will open when Curbside begins and thereafter Monday 10:00 am - Thursday at 1:00 pm. Bookdrops not available in Corder and Waverly overnight.

How long do you quarantine material?

All returned items will be quarantined within the library building for a minimum of 72 hours before they are checked in and cleared.

General Answers

No. At this time only library staff is allowed in the buildings. This is for everyone’s safety and we cannot make exceptions for anyone.

No. We have instituted a moratorium on ALL donations until further notice. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE DONATIONS!

At this time, we are not accepting any volunteers to minimize personal contact and ensure the safety of our staff and patrons.

We will be continuing virtual programs throughout the summer months. We will reassess in-person programs for the fall, but for now will need our Meeting Room and program areas to quarantine material.

We look forward to welcoming all of our customers back to our buildings when it is safe to do so for our staff and for you.

In order to maintain social distance and to limit contact between customers and staff, we are not taking in-person requests for books or other materials. Please use the online catalog or call the branch to ask for assistance.