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Internal Revenue Service
Official page of the Internal Revenue Service with information regarding federal tax laws, forms, procedures, etc.


Missouri Department of Revenue
This official site features information and forms regarding Missouri state taxes including income and property taxes.


State Tax Form Directory
This directory features links for forms and information regarding taxes for all 50 states.


Contact for assistance with tax inquiries through the Taxpayer Assistance Program (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, Tax Counseling for the Elderly and other resources) as well as family financial planning and other educational programs. A service of the University of Missouri Extension.


The MyFreeTaxes Partnership provides free state and federal tax preparation and filing assistance for qualified individuals (combined 2018 income under $66,000).
To e-file your tax return or other electronic forms, MyFreeTaxes has arranged a partnership with H&R Block.


Library staff cannot help you prepare your taxes or tell you which form you need. 
Staff members can direct you to paper copies, internet resources, and reproducible forms and publications. We can direct you to information that will help you decide what you need. This guide provides useful links and answers to frequently asked questions.
1. Where can I get forms?
2. What forms do you supply at the library?
  • The library will only receive limited amounts of instruction booklets from the IRS for distribution to the public.  See Section 1, above, for other ways to obtain these instructions and schedules.
  • The library will NOT receive printed forms.
  • Prints or photocopies of most forms can be made for 10 cents per page (black and white)
  • Some Federal forms are printed as special "machine-readable" products, and you cannot file a copied or reprinted version. These forms should be obtained directly from an IRS office or ordered from IRS Employer Returns.
  • The Library no longer receives paper forms from the Missouri Department of Revenue. Free Missouri tax forms are NOT available at any library. However, prints and photocopies of Missouri forms can be made at a cost of 10 cents per page.
3. Where can I get tax forms for past years?
4. Where can I get out-of-state tax forms?
  • At the Federation of Tax Administrators' State Tax Form Page
  • You may also call or contact the Department of Revenue of a specific state.
5. Can I file my forms electronically at the Library?
  • The Library does not provide software to help you prepare your taxes, but it does provide Internet access to the following sites.
  • Federal electronic filing -- IRS E-File will guide you to free and low-cost Internet filing opportunities.
  • Missouri electronic filing -- MO E-file provides information about electronic filing on the Department of Revenue site.
6. Where do I mail my tax form?
7. What is the deadline to file my taxes?
  • The deadline for 2021 is Thursday, April 15th.  For more information, refer to IRS Tax Topic 301.
8. What is my Missouri School District Number?
9. How do I check on the status of my refunds?
10. What if I get a threatening phone call saying I owe money to the IRS?
11. What tax forms do I need for the Affordable Care Act?
  • Taxpayers can consult this page to determine if they already have qualifying health care coverage. The IRS expects the vast majority of taxpayers will only need to check a box to indicate that they satisfy the individual shared responsibility provision when they file their tax returns in the early part of the tax filing season.
  • Exemptions: Individuals who don't maintain coverage throughout the year must have an exemption or make an individual shared responsibility payment with their federal income tax returns.
  • Exemptions are obtained from either the Marketplace or IRS, depending on the type of exemption, and reported on Form 8965, Health Coverage Exemptions. If you are not required to file a federal income tax return for a year because your gross income is below your return filing threshold, you are automatically exempt from the shared responsibility provision for that year and do not need to take any further action to secure an exemption.
  • Premium Tax Credit: Individuals and families who get coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace may be eligible for the premium tax credit. Eligible individuals and families can choose to have advance credit payments paid directly to their insurance company to lower what they pay for their monthly premiums, or they can wait to claim the credit when they file their federal income tax return.
  • Early in the tax filing season, individuals who bought health insurance through the Marketplace will receive Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, which includes information about their coverage and any premium assistance received. Form 1095-A will help individuals complete their tax return.
  • Individuals claiming the premium tax credit, including those who received advance payments of the premium tax credit, must file a federal income tax return for the year and attach Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit (PTC). Do not confuse this with Form MO-PTC, Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim.
  • If the individual received advance credit payments, he or she will reconcile those payments with the amount of the premium tax credit actually allowed on the federal income tax return.
More information about these ACA tax provisions can be found at: