Trails Regional Library welcomes you to its Volunteer Services Program. We gratefully appreciate you offering your time and talents as a volunteer. Through our Volunteer Services Program, you will enhance and expand the ability of our employed staff to meet the needs of our patrons more efficiently and expediently. Your contribution is unique and helpful. We sincerely hope that you will find your efforts rewarding and enjoyable!

General Information

Voluteer Positions

Volunteer positions are available and filled at the discretion of the Director.


Schedules are maintained to assure adequate staffing so that the library may provide efficient service. Volunteers are expected to be dependable when working their scheduled hours. Please notify your supervisor in advance of any unexpected absence so that the library staff may adjust their schedules.


Business-like conduct is expected at all times. As a volunteer, you are a representative of the library and the public will view you as a member of the library staff. All transactions with patrons should be handled courteously and with strict confidence.

Name Badge

The volunteer identification badge helps patrons distinguish between volunteers and paid staff and also serves to promote the Volunteer Services Program.

Changes in Personal Information

Please notify your supervisor of any changes of address, telephone number or name, so that records may be kept current.


Volunteers are covered by the library’s insurance while working at the library. Any unsafe condition should be reported to your supervisor.

Tax Deduction

Volunteers can deduct on their income tax returns any out-of-pocket expense, including automobile mileage related to the services which they contribute to a qualified non-profit or public organization such as the public library. Volunteers may not deduct the
value of their contributed time or services.


The library staff will be happy to provide answers to any questions regarding library policy. If you are unsure of how to proceed, ask your supervisor or other staff member for assistance.


Volunteer Opportunities

Reading Program Volunteer

Reading Program Sign-up Volunteer During a prescribed time, set by the Branch Manager, the volunteer will sign up children, young adults and adults to participate in the Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring Reading Program. The volunteer will distribute items
pertaining to the program, explain the program to participants and get them started in the program.

Foundation Event Volunteer

The volunteer will assist the branch or system programmer in the planning, coordinating, and set-up of Foundation Events.

Book Sale Volunteer

The volunteer will sort, straighten and rotate materials for the Branch book sale.

Cleaning Books/AV Cases Volunteer

The volunteer will use library-supplied cleaning solution to wipe off the fronts and backs of books and AV cases before they are shelved.


Volunteer opportunities include the following: caring for indoor/outdoor plants/flowers, litter removal, leaf removal, or snow/ice removal. Available opportunities vary depending on the branch.

Shelf Dusting Volunteer

The volunteer will use library supplied dusting cloths to dust the shelving and materials on the shelves.


Applying for the Volunteer Services Program

To apply for the program, please complete the form below. If you are under the age of 18, please download the Volunteer Application and have a parent or guardian sign, then bring your completed application to the branch in which you wish to volunteer for approval. You will be contacted when a volunteer position is available for you.

Trails Regional Library Volunteer Application (Under 18)

Fields marked with * are required

Please enter your first and last names.
Please include City, State, and Zip Code
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Please enter the branch location in which you want to volunteer.
Please list a person to contact in an emergency and their relationship to you.