Staff Spotlight: Jackie Hawes, Library Director

Library Director, Jackie Hawes, joined Trails on July 19, 2021. She comes to the library district from North Dakota and has previously worked in libraries in Missouri and Kentucky. Read more about Jackie below and direct questions, comments, and concerns about library service to her at

What aspects of library service are most important to you as a Director?

As a Director and a life-long library enthusiast, I believe that ALL aspects of library service are SUPER important. All library services should reflect their individual communities, and libraries should change, grow, & evolve right along with their communities. Each member of a library team is just as important as all others…from staff that reshelve books to programming staff to administration to the Board of Trustees, and all those in-between!

What leaders do you draw inspiration from as a Library Director?

I draw inspiration from many leaders as a Library Director, and they usually are individuals that I have gotten to know personally. Many of those inspirational leaders were former supervisors and/or employees, service organization leaders (Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, etc.), and even a few very close friends. In addition, many leaders that inspire me are librarians that I have met over the years via networking opportunities. Mary Soucie, North Dakota’s State Librarian, has been a wonderful mentor to me, and she has allowed me to draw from her vast knowledge and experience. I wish she could teach me to be a bubbly, extroverted, people person like she is; however, by nature, I’m a friendly, organized, introverted cat person. I do enjoy all my library peeps though!!!

What unique traits do you feel you bring to the Trails team?

I’m not sure how unique they are, however; the traits that I feel I bring to the Trails team are: leading by example, organization, well thought out planning, analytical problem solving, detail-oriented, getting to know ALL employees, actual open door policy, a listening ear, and cat stories & photos (upon request of course).

Audiobooks, ebooks, or print?

Definitely, PRINT! I love having the physical book in my hand, turning the pages, and the unique book smell. It’s a whole experience! I get nothing out of being read to, and I’m on electronic devices enough without adding ebooks to the mix.

What non-traditional library resource do you wish more people knew about?

In general, I wish people knew more about all library resources…traditional & non-traditional! I cannot name how many times I have talked to individuals that were surprised that libraries provided this service or another. These are great conversation starters! I can talk about libraries for days!! My last two libraries were passport acceptance facilities which surprised many people to hear that libraries can offer this service. Programming for all ages, especially adults is usually surprising to many people as well.

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